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Backing up your design and reusing it

Site designer

In any case you want to backup your TwentyThree design you can easily do this from the TwentyThree backend. A backup could include layout, styling, video players and static pages combined.

It's always a good idea to download a backup before doing major design revisions − but you can also use backups to transfer designs and themes from one site to another. TwentyThree backups are not site specific, which means that you can easily transfer designs between multiple TwentyThree sites.

To do a backup go to Site Designer and Export Theme. When you click the "Download the design"-button, a theme file is downloaded to your computer for later use:

To restore your video site design from a prior backup or a backup from another video site, go to Site DesignerImport Theme. You will then be presented with a form, which allows you to select a .theme file, and options for which parts of the backup to import. Select the parts you want imported and click Import theme.

The parts of your design you selected will now be imported from your backup and applied to your video site.