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Batch editing of videos

With batch editing, it is really easy to change the metadata of a group of videos, since you can perform an edit once and then apply it to any number of videos at the same time. This is a powerful tool that comes in handy in a number of situations. For example if you wish to move a selection of videos from one category to another, or if you need to correct the spelling of a tag that has already been applied to a number of videos.

Selecting videos to edit

To start batch editing your videos, click on "Batch Editor" below Videos in the left side menu. From the Batch Editor page will you can begin selecting the videos that you wish to edit. To make your selection, simply click on the relevant videos and they will be clearly marked to let you know that they have been selected. 

Feel free to browse around in the backend of your video website to find and select all the videos that should be edited; your selection will be remembered until you close down the Batch Editor interface. 

To add all videos to your selection, you can click the "Select all"-icon at the top of the overview. If you wish to clear your current selection, simply click the "Select all"-icon twice. This will remove all videos from your selection and allow you to start over.

Editing selected videos

When you have made your selection of videos, you are ready to apply an edit to them. You can choose among the following types of actions:

  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Promote
  • Unpromote
  • Add tag
  • Remove tag
  • Place in category
  • Remove from category
  • Edit text
  • Delete

For the actions Publish, Unpublish, Promote, Unpromote and Delete, the process is simple: Just click on the icon of the action you wish to perform, and you will be asked to confirm your decision. Once the action is confirmed, it will be applied to all videos in your selection.

The actions Add tag, Remove tag, Place in category and Remove from category requires an extra step, where you choose the category or the tags that should be applied to or removed from the selected videos.

Add tag

When you click the "Add tag" icon, you will be presented with an input field, where you can write the tags that you want to apply to the selected videos. You can apply as many tags as you want at the same time. When you are done adding tags, click the "Add" button and confirm the action to apply the tags to all videos in your selection.

Remove tag

The interface for removing tags shows you a collection of all the different tags that are currently applied to one or more videos in your selection. Simply click on the tags that you wish to remove and and then click "Remove tags". When you have confirmed this action, the selected tags will have been removed from the videos in your selection.

Place in category

Clicking the "Place in category" icon will present you with a drop down menu of all your categories. Find and select the category that you wish to add the videos to and click "Add". When confirmed, the videos in your selection will be placed in the category that you have chosen.

You should note that this action will place the video in multiple categories if the video is already placed in another category. If you only want the video to be in one category, you have to remove it from the old category after adding it to the new one.

Remove from category

Similarly to the Place in category action, the Remove from category action will let you select a category from a dropdown menu. When you click the "Remove" button and confirm the action, all videos in your selection will be removed from the chosen category.

Please note that this may cause one or more of the selected videos to no longer be associated with any category at all. If this is the case, the videos in question will assume the status of an unpublished video and will not be publicly available on your video site, until they are once again placed in a publicly available category.

Edit Text

If you click the Edit text icon, you will be taken to a new page, where all the videos in your selection will be shown alongside their titles and descriptions. This page allows you to go through your videos one by one and edit the titles and descriptions without having to click your way into each individual video one at a time.