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The code editor

The code editor in TwentyThree works in the browser and is used to manage all the code and style that makes up the platform. It will allow you to make changes to:

  • The HTML and Liquid behind all layout blocks.
  • The HTML and Liquid behind all static page and include templates.
  • The CSS and Sass that makes up both the site's theme and stylesheet.
  • The JavaScript code for the site.
  • Any text, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown or Liquid file upload under Site DesignerFiles.
The code editor

The editor is designed to take up the entire browser window -- and care has been taken to make the experience feel as close to native as possible:

  • There's support for most common keyboard shortcuts. Specifically, Ctrl+S will save content and Esc will close down the editor.
  • For all common content including CSS, Sass, JavaScript, HTML, Liquid and more the editors provides code highlighting and automatic indentation.
  • Whenever possible the editor includes handy inline documentation. For Liquid templates for example, a reference for all available objects and variables is available through the editor's sidebar.
  • The editor highlight compile errors in Sass and Liquid content with specific suggestions on how to fix the problem.