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Custom designed templates

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Allow custom design to your log-in pages

You are free to re-design and fully manage the look and feel of log in, sign up and forgotten password pages.

Find the pages under Site Designer → Page templates. Modify the design using HTML, Liquid and style it with CSS—just like you can with any other part of the TwentyThree website:

Go to: Using CSS variables in your stylesheet

Notice that your styling will only take effect if the user settings are modified to allow for custom-designed pages:

Custom designed user invites

You can also style the email sent from TwentyThree, as new users are invited to the platform.

Use CSS and liquid to modify the design (see above) and check what the emails currently look like by clicking «show preview mail».

Find the email template available for styling under Site Designer → Page templates → Emails.

Custom includes

With custom includes you do not have to edit each layout block every time you want to change the thumbnails on your site for example. Simply make the change once, in the custom include template for "Video Thumbnails". You'll find the custom include templates under Site Designer → Page templates in the TwentyThree backend. Read more about editing layout blocks in the article Working with layout blocks

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