Reference and overview of data available in HubSpot

The TwentyThree connection to HubSpot creates and forwards five different kinds of data:

1. Core contact properties

2. Video contact properties

When videos, webinars or live events are played, updated aggregates of the total video usage is updated on the contact's properties.

3. Timeline events about video playback

When videos, webinars or live events are played, information about the play and interaction is posted on the contacts timeline.

4. Timeline events about collectors

When a collector is submitted, information from the form is posted on the contact timeline with info about the content triggering the conversion.

5. Timeline events about video call-to-action clicks

TwentyThree lets you easily create annotations or interactive action elements to your videos. These can be placed anywhere in the video and anywhere on the timeline. When such an action is clicked, this is recorded on HubSpot:

TwentyThree actions come with a wealth of configuration options that enables detailed control. Along with this comes extra expert properties also available in HubSpot:

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