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Setting the language and timezone of your video website

TwentyThree comes in a range of different languages, and as the owner of a video website you can easily switch between these to make sure that your customer touchpoints are customised to the relevant language. By utilising different language options for your different workspaces, you can optimise for different languages and markets as well as for localised search engine indexing.

Setting general site language

You can change the language of your video website by going to "Inbound" → "Language and timezone". Here, you can choose a number of different languages from the dropdown menu—remember to click "Save settings" once you have chosen the desired language. These settings will affect the following:

Note, that the TwentyThree backend will not be translated. 

Below the language option you can specify what timezone you want your video site to belong to and how dates and times should be formatted. This option affects how dates and times are shown in the frontend of your video site, e.g. when showing a video's time of upload, and it enables the analytics section to present data to you in a timezone and format that is relevant to you.

Setting language for specific webinars (Enterprise plan only)

While you might base your main content around a specific language, you might host webinars in multiple languages to cater to your different markets and target groups. Making the touchpoints for these webinars specific to the language of the audience can be a benefit, to make the experience more cohesive and engaging, and can also result in better conversions for the webinar. If you are on one of our Enterprise plans, you are able to define the language for individual webinars, so that you are able to host webinars with different languages based on the target audience for each webinar. When you create a new webinar, you will be able to select the relevant language from the language drop down menu.

Setting the language of a webinar

These language settings will affect this webinars:

If you change the language of the webinar after creating it, please note that customised emails and EndExperience texts will not be overwritten to the new language. 

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