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Getting started with native distribution

Connect your TwentyThree account with your favorite social media platforms. This enables you to push or pull video data, and allow visitors to connect with you there. Share your video content with your audience and have them watch the videos directly in your Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter feed or YouTube channel. Doing this can bring content to a wider audience and can assist in driving more traffic back to your video website.

You can always just copy and paste the URL of one of your videos and post it on your Facebook page, but with TwentyThree you can compliment this distribution with a natively hosted version of your video. This article explain the overall usage of native distribution in TwentyThree, to create an easier and optionally automated workflow.

Connecting TwentyThree to social platforms

When logged in to the backend of your TwentyThree account simply click "Social" in the top menu to get started sharing video in other platforms. When your first use these features you will not have any associated social media platforms connected with TwentyThree. Your first step will therefore be to connect your social media accounts to TwentyThree by clicking the account of-which you would like to connect.

Click here to learn how to get started distributing native videos to YouTube. Click here to learn how to get started distributing native videos to Facebook. Click here to learn how to get started with video tweets.

Every distributed video can be managed through the interface of each individual video, or through the overview page found under "Social". Here you can track the history of distributed videos and potentially also failed distributions. You can see what time the video was posted, you find a direct link to the post and you can also delete the post.

Native video analytics

The essence of a good video content strategy is analytics. This is why we have made it possible to track, not only TwentyThree related statistics, but also allowing you to track how your videos are performing when natively posted on social media.

When logged in to the backend of your TwentyThree account, simply click "Social" in the top menu to get started with native video analytics. Here you are presented with an overview of all your videos posted to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Here you can see how many videos you have shared through the platform in question, and present you with a direct link to the specific videos. If you click on any of the videos in the list, you will be taken to that video's overview-page where you'll find more in-depth statistics, collected directly from the social platforms that the video has been distributed to.

Publishing a video to social media

In the video overview of your TwentyThree account, you are able to click on a single video and make a post on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Vimeo by clicking on one of the social media icons.

Just give the video a title and add what text you want to include in your social media post. You can view a preview to the right of the post you're about to create before distributing the post.

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