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Uploading videos without user access (Open Upload)

In normal circumstances users must have access to the backend of your workspace in order for them to upload videos. But sometimes you might want to enable other people to upload videos. Examples of a use cases could be:

  • You want to have your audience share their own video content on your site.
  • You're hosting a competition where visitors to your site upload videos to win.
  • You have external video producers creating content for you, and you want them to upload content without having access to the administration of your workspace.

For these purposes, we have created the 'Open Upload'. The Open Upload is a video upload form that you can link to directly on the workspace- or you can keep it hidden and simply distribute the upload form's secret URL to those who should be able to upload videos.

You can create as many Open Uploads as you like, and they can each have their own configuration and be connected to different categories (see information about this below).

Creating an Open Upload

You create an Open Upload by clicking on the "Upload" button in the upper right corner of the page and choosing "Open Upload" in the sidebar to the right. Then you can click the "Create new open upload" button and be presented with a list of options for your new Open Upload:

  • Upload mode: Your Open Upload can be either "Moderated" or "Public".
    If you choose Public, videos will be available on your video hub as soon as they are uploaded and have been prepared for playback.
    If you make your Open Upload moderated, uploaded videos will not be published automatically. Choose this option, if you wish to review uploaded content before it is made publicly available.

  • Required information: Here you choose which extra fields you want to have shown in the upload and require the uploader to fill out. By default you can choose to have "Name" and "Email" fields marked.

  • Allow file attachments: Choose if the uploaded video should be prepared for attaching additional files, or not.

  • Other variables: If you have created any custom variables you can create extra fields for the user to fill out. Read more about custom variables and video fields here.

  • Linking to the Open Upload: Check this box, if you want to link to the Open Upload form from your video website. By linking to the open upload from the site's sidebar any visitor will be able to add video to your video website.

  • Category: Here you can choose a category that uploaded videos should be put in, and you can specify whether the uploader should be allowed to choose the category directly in the upload form.

  • Tags: Specify tags that all uploaded videos should automatically be tagged with. You can also choose if the uploader should be able to add tags to the video. Separate multiple tags with commas.

  • Notification email: Specify an email address that we should send a notification to whenever a new video is uploaded.

  • Description: In this field you can give the Open Upload a description that can help administrators distinguish between different Open Uploads if you have created more than one.

  • Terms and conditions: The text you put in this box will be shown in the upload form, and the visitor is required to accept the terms and conditions to be able to upload a video.