Uploading video

Uploading videos without user access (Open Upload)

In normal circumstances users must have access to the backend of your workspace in order for them to upload videos. But sometimes you might want to enable other people to upload videos. Examples of a use cases could be:

For these purposes, we have created the 'Open Upload'. The Open Upload is a video upload form that you can link to directly on the workspace- or you can keep it hidden and simply distribute the upload form's secret URL to those who should be able to upload videos.

You can create as many Open Uploads as you like, and they can each have their own configuration and be connected to different categories (see information about this below).

Creating an Open Upload

You create an Open Upload by clicking on the "Upload" button in the upper right corner of the page and choosing "Open Upload" in the sidebar to the right. Then you can click the "Create new open upload" button and be presented with a list of options for your new Open Upload:

Connecting the iOS Uploader mobile app

You can choose to connect the TwentyThree Video Uploader application to a Open Upload form. Simply make sure you check of the option of using this Open Upload as the default upload option in the TwentyThree Video mobile upload app, and you are all set. Read more about the TwentyThree Video Uploader app here.

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