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Preparing uploads for quality playback

Uploading video

TwentyThree accepts all common video formats in all resolutions, but with a few tweaks you can guarantee yourself faster upload and processing with the highest possible quality:

Video size

Full HD format on TwentyThree is 1920x1080 pixels with a bitrate of 5000 kb/s, which gives great quality in full screen. If you upload in a higher quality, your video will be converted and scaled down while we prepare it for playback on the web. You can reduce your upload time without sacrificing quality by preparing the video at a fixed bitrate of roughly 10-15 mbit/s.

Video and audio codec

Browser playback of high quality video happens by converting the incoming video to a few web-friendly formats. We recommend that the video is uploaded in MP4 and H264 − simply because the processing will be faster and you'll obtain the best quality when the video is played in a web browser or through podcasts.

File size and quality

When you upload a file to TwentyThree, we'll be optimizing it for web distribution. This means preparing it to play across devices on desktop, mobile and so on — but it also means compressing it to a file size that can actually be retrieved and played without buffering on slow web connections.

As a general rule, our standard video streams are:

  • Roughly 2.2 MB per minute in mobile quality.
  • Roughly 6.5 MB per minute in standard quality.
  • Roughly 11 MB per minute HD quality.
  • Roughly 22 MB per minute in Full HD quality.

This means that your upload time can also be minimized, while still getting maximum video quality, by uploading videos with a file size of about 5,000 kbps or 35 MB per minute.