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Inviting new users and granting administration rights

Working with users

You invite new users by clicking the "Settings"/cogwheel button in the backend of your workspace and choose "Users" in the dropdown menu. Here you will see a list of all current users, and if you click the "Add user" button you can input a name and email address of the person you want to invite. You can also specify the user level and a message to be included in the email invitation sent out. The new user will shortly after receive an email with a link to a page where he or she can create a user profile. If your account has more than one workspace, you can add users to multiple workspaces at a time by checking off the workspaces you want to invite the user to.

On the user overview page you can edit user rights by clicking on "Manage user" and then "Change permissions".

If you at some point wish to revoke a user's access to the site, simply click the "Disable account" button. When this is done, that user will no longer be able to log into the backend, but the videos that this user may have uploaded will still be available on the site.

Visit this page to learn about the different user levels available; admin, editor and visitor.