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Using TvCards in your Webinars

With our overlays and animated TV cards, your webinar attendees will be getting a TV broadcast level experience that does not require any professional gear. You can choose between a range of different animations here that will make your webinar more interactive and animated.

Name Tag

Name tags are a great way to introduce your speakers but also remind your audience again who is talking at the moment - especially if you multiple speakers as part of a panel.

The name tag will appear when switching from one to the next speaker, as part of an automated flow - there is nothing more you need to do here.

We have built name tags around some rules, eg. that name tags only appear in a certain time frame to not become repetitive and to only appear when there are more speakers involved. You can also toggle off name tags for individual speakers on their speaker profiles. Name tags are not shown in Panel and Mixed modes.

Speaker name tag

Up Next Card

If your webinar consists of multiple speakers and presentations, it might be nice to guide your audience through the next parts. This can be done with the “Up Next” card that is now part of the producer sidebar. You can draft any kind of message that will then be displayed in the top right corner of the webinar. If you want to stop the message from showing, you can click on the “X” icon in the sidebar.

Full Overlay for Questions

Imagine that an amazing question has been asked in your webinar and you want to push full attention to it. Now you can choose a question to be displayed almost full screen in your webinar. This makes Q&A sessions more engaging and the attendee who has asked this question will love you for putting up for everyone to think about.

If you see an interesting question in the “Questions” section, you can just click on the eye icon to the right and the question will be displayed in the center of the webinar to everyone.

Full Overlay for Polls

The same goes for polls. If you want to push your poll question into the center to get more votes, you can just create and start a poll and then click on the eye icon to the right. The dynamic results will now be displayed in the center of the webinar to everyone. After you close your poll you can also show your results on the screen by clicking the eye icon.

We make sure to not display the absolute number of votes, as to not disclose how many people are watching the webinar.