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Using your Video Library

Your Video Library is an efficient way to keep all of your videos organized and easily accessible. You can locate the Video Library by clicking on the folder icon in the top right. Only Admins are able to add videos to the library.

Upload Videos

From the Video Library, you have the ability to upload a video by clicking the Upload button at the bottom of the library. You can give the video a title and description.

Create folders

From the Video Library, you are able to search for your videos by name. You can create folders for your videos by clicking "Create New Folder". Once a folder is created you will be able to edit the name and delete the folder by clicking "Edit Folder".

Edit folders

You can see the videos in a folder by clicking on the folder you want to look at. A video can be moved from one folder to another by opening the video in the library and clicking the "Move to Folder" button. On the video overview page in the library you will also see the options to edit the title and description, as well as the option to "Use this Video". This will take you to the video editor where you can adjust the video to your liking, save it, and copy the link.