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Unlock the full potential of your webinars and maximize their impact with WebinarHighlights—an innovative way to generate highlight clips in just a few minutes. Whether you prefer manual selection during production or rely on AI suggestions based on speaker information and engagement, creating captivating clips has never been easier.

How to create an Highlights

With this new feature, the AI automatically detects and suggests potential clips from the webinar based on engagement. Alternatively, you can manually add a WebinarHighlight. During the webinar, simply click on Add Highlight on the right side of the Host Window to create a clip of that webinar snap.


After the webinar, within the webinar overview, you'll have the option to view the webinar recording with highlights on the timeline, along with suggested clips. Simply select your desired clip, trim the video as necessary, and share it across all your channels to maximize your content's reach.

Embrace the power of WebinarHighlights to extend the lifespan of your content and enhance audience engagement like never before.

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