Setting the webinar status

Webinars can have three different statuses. Use Draft mode while you are setting up your webinar. Once you're ready, choose Public to publish your webinar; select Link Only if you want to unlist your webinar and limit access.


After you create a new webinar you are automatically editing in draft mode. At this stage the webinar will not be visible to anyone and you cannot share it. Use this mode to add information and customize your webinar pages.

Once you're done with that, make your webinar available. Click Draft in the orange draft bar and choose between Private or Public.

Link only vs public

Select Link only if you don't want the webinar to be listed on your video hub. In this mode, only people with the private link with will be able to find, register and attend the webinar.

Choose Public if you want the webinar to be displayed on your video hub and allow everyone to access, sign up and watch the webinar.

You can always revert your webinar back to draft mode – in case you need to change information or customize pages. As a Draft the webinar will be hidden from the hub and cannot be shared until you go back to Private or Public mode.

Duplicate, cancel and delete

Do you want to run the another webinar on the same topic and with the same speakers? Just click on duplicate to take over all information and webinar pages and adjust them as you need.

You can also cancel a webinar, and send an email to your registrants in the next step.

If you would like to remove all information and data of the webinar, just choose delete from the list.

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