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With WebinarSpots you can now create a dedicated Spot on your website to promote your webinars, complete with countdown timers to drive engagement.

How to create a WebinarSpot

To access the WebinarSpots section, click on the "WebinarSpots" button located right below "Webinars" in the left side menu. Once clicked, the WebinarSpots overview will open, allowing you to manage your existing WebinarSpots.

To create a new WebinarSpot overview, simply click "Create WebinarSpot".

Once you have selected your desired criteria, the WebinarSpot will appear in the overview. From here, you can select your webinars, which will be visualized in the embed code.

You can preview your Spot before embedding it by clicking on "Preview". This will open a webpage displaying a preview of the final result.

To embed the WebinarSpot, click on "Copy Spot Code" and paste it onto your website.

Once a Spot has been embedded, you can change the webinars shown from TwentyThree. Simply click on the WebinarSpot again and select new webinars. Additionally, you can access the Spot directly from the website where the video is embedded by clicking on the Green Dot in the top right corner of the Spot.

Enhance your website's engagement and drive webinar sign-ups effortlessly with WebinarSpots—empowering you to showcase your content seamlessly and attract your audience's attention like never before.

Ready to delve deeper into Webinars5? Watch the on-demand launch webinar now for an in-depth look.