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Simplify your webinar process and focus on delivering exceptional content with WebinarTemplates. Spend less time on setup and more time engaging your audience effectively. Scale your webinar efforts and maintain consistency across your events.

How to Create a WebinarTemplate

Once you've crafted your webinar, complete with all the necessary details, simply navigate to the top right corner and click on Save As Template. With a few clicks, WebinarTemplates captures everything from the webinar image to the title, description, handouts, email sequence, and speaker information, ensuring that every essential element is preserved.

Additionally, WebinarTemplates integrates with WebinarTray, allowing you to save and replicate your customized tray setups.

Once a WebinarTemplate/template has been saved, you'll have the option to select it each time you create a webinar. Choosing a template enables you to leverage all the information saved within it. Keep in mind, the template can also serve as a starting point for your webinars, giving you the flexibility to customize and tailor each one to make it unique.

Effortlessly Manage Your Webinar Templates

For an overview of your WebinarTemplates, access the dedicated management page, located below the Webinar section in the main left-side menu. From here, you can organize and update your templates, streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistency across your workspace.

With WebinarTemplates, managing your webinar setup becomes easier. Spend more time delivering engaging content and less time on repetitive setup tasks.

Ready to delve deeper into Webinars5? Watch the on-demand launch webinar now for an in-depth look.