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State of Webinars 2022 Report

Whether you’ve just started making webinars and are looking to scale up, or if you’ve been making webinars for a while and are curious about how others are leveraging them, the State of Webinars will give you answers and bring new insights to light.

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The pandemic brought about fundamental changes to the way that we communicate as human beings. When we couldn’t be there in person, webinars were the next best thing. Now, more than two years on, webinars are here to stay. For many organizations, they’ve become the default way to engage and educate. In an increasingly digital world where we work more remotely than ever, webinars are the most human communication tool we have.

TwentyThree does this research to give organizations the information they need to make strategic decisions about their webinars. To decide where to go, you need to see where you stand. The findings are based on a mix of qualitative survey answers, and quantitative data from the more than 1.3 million people who attended a webinar hosted on TwentyThree in the past year.

We hope you find it enlightening - and useful.

Download The State of Webinars 2022 report