Annual Benchmarking Survey

State of Webinars 2020

Webinars are an essential tool in the marketers toolkit, and especially this year. We've seen an explosion in the popularity of webinars, but there is still a lot to be learned about webinar trends and implications.

We run our annual research to be able to paint a clearer picture of the State of Webinars in 2020. Join us for a live webinar where we'll share the full report and discuss the results with experts at the beginning of next month so you can easily see how your efforts compare to other organisations.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Webinars Have been exploding in popularity this year. When physical meetings aren’t an option, it’s essential to be pushing your webinar efforts forward. But before you can plan for where you’re going, it’s good to be able to see where you stand. We need a clear picture of the State of Webinars in 2020.

With the annual State of Webinars research, we share the results of the global survey with you so that you can easily see where your organisation is leading, where you’re just hitting the target and where you might want to increase your efforts.

As a video company, TwentyThree has been powering our global community’s efforts with webinars. We’ve seen the landscape changing at unprecedented speed and so we are stepping up to lend a clearer vision to be able to strategise, execute and move forward. What are the most popular ways to make webinars? How many companies are making them this year compared to last? Do you have a dedicated webinar team? We’re asking the questions and we're sharing the answers that will impact marketers around the world.


How marketers are activating webinars as part of their digital marketing strategy.


What marketers want out of their webinar tools.


Which teams across an organisation are leveraging webinars.


How many webinars companies are making on a yearly basis.

See the Big Picture

Benchmark Your Organisation

The State of Webinars 2020 Report will be available next month after we've finished collecting responses. In it, you'll find case stories, interviews, benchmarking worksheets and presentation templates to evaluate your own efforts and better plan for the future.

Join Us Live

Unveiling the Results

We'll discuss the results and their implications live on a webinar with some experts from around the world. Come and engage with the community, hear some interpretations of the data and learn how you can best activate the findings.

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