Full Report – The State of Webinars 2020

We run our annual research to be able to paint a clearer picture of the State of Webinars in 2020.

Webinars are an essential tool in the marketers toolkit, and especially this year. We've seen an explosion in the popularity of webinars, but there is still a lot to be learned about webinar trends and implications. Use the benchmarking sheet to compare your organisation's webinar efforts to others in the industry.

In The Report

  • We made more webinars, with 89% of marketers making more webinars this year than last.
  • The market has doubled, with 45% of marketers new to webinars as of 2020.
  • Teams are expanding, with 41% of organisations reporting that they have a dedicated webinar team or programme manager.
  • Budgets will keep growing with 51% of organisations planning to spend more in 2021.
  • Benchmark your organisation's webinar efforts
  • +more data across eight sections
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