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The State of Video Marketing

Did you know that 82% of marketers plan to produce more videos? Or that two-thirds of marketing teams don’t use a video marketing platform? In The Influence & State of Video Marketing in, we surveyed hundreds of marketers around the world to collect data on exactly how video marketing is playing a role in business.
The State of Video Marketing

Key take aways

  • What types of content are most common among marketers?
  • How many total videos marketers plan to produce?
  • The amount of money and resources marketers spend on video marketing?
  • Do marketers plan to increase their video marketing spend?
  • How many brands use a video marketing platform?
  • Which video channels are most popular?
  • Are marketers integrating their video data into their entire marketing tech stack?
  • What’s the most common way that marketers produce videos?
Download The State of Video Marketing
In The State of Video Marketing, we’ll cover a number of pressing questions that impact marketers around the world.