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Stop running blind on video

Maximize your investment in video with the world’s most advanced video analytics tool. Get a granular understanding of how each video performs for deeper insight into video’s role in the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Plays Analytics


See how many times a particular video has been played – and what percentage of your total number of views that video is responsible for.


Create customized reports for truly granular insights. Select your filters, choose the timeframe and generate the data you need to understand and improve how your videos perform.

“Very few marketers know what share of their brand engagement comes through video. As companies start to increase their investment in video, it’s time to go beyond vanity metrics and go deep on what really matters.”
- Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, TwentyThree co-founder
Analytics Full metrics


Get in-depth data on video engagement and conversions, measurable both by channel and on an individual viewer level.

There's more...


Your at-a-glance overview of how all your videos are performing so you can monitor - and adjust - your investment.

Knowledge is power

With insights into what works - and what doesn’t - you can continually optimize your videos and set new standards for performance.

Playthrough percentage

A simple but powerful metric so you can track how often a particular video is played all the way through.

Play rate

A useful tool that measures the number of plays generated each time the video is loaded on the page.

Available on all our video marketing plans. Visit our pricing page for more details.

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