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The Role Of Video in B2B

According to Forbes, three-quarters of executives watch work-related videos every week. Just over half share work-related videos with colleagues every week, and nearly two-thirds would rather watch a video about something than read about it.

The Role Of Video in B2 B

From Making a Video To Building A Video Culture

Build a culture of video

So the future on online B2B marketing is video too. But this isn’t video marketing the way it used to be. It’s no longer about making a video for your business. It’s not even about having a video strategy. If you’re going to succeed in in the video-driven future, you’re going to need to build a culture of video within your business.

Learn from experts

Download this paper and get inspired by leading video marketing experts including:

  • Chad Rogers, CRO and co-founder at Lemonlight
  • Tapio Haaja, Chief Video Strategist at videolle
  • Jonaz Kumlander, Head of New ideas and innovation at Avidly
  • George B Thomas, Inbound Evangelist at Impulse Creative
  • Jordan Hagen, Lead Strategist at StoryMe
  • Zachary Basner, Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy at IMPACT
  • Steffen Christensen, CTO & Co-founder at TwentyThree

Key take aways

  • Why and how should you leverage video in B2B?
  • How can you create a video culture.
  • How can you to break through the video marketing barriers
  • How should you organize your team around video?
  • How are other marketers measuring success and how should you?
  • What training is needed?
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In the white paper we’ll cover a number of pressing questions that impact b2b marketers around the world.