Webinar Makers Come Together on August 26th

WebinarDay 2020

WebinarDay is a live global online event for webinar makers. Across regions and time zones, we gather for a full day of engaging formats to make us think and leave us with actionable frameworks, strategies and formats.

Webinars are quickly becoming an ingrained way of communicating for people, businesses and brands. In this digital age, they are the perfect format for more authentic, human communication. We’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of webinars in recent months because of this aspect but we also see plenty of room for improvement.

Too many webinars lack the right approach and tools and they fall short on professionalism as a result. So, we’re gathering the world’s most experienced webinar makers together to share their knowledge with a live global audience over the course of a full day. Together, we will learn new ways and the best practices around how we share our stories, create the most engaging experience and generate lasting value with webinars.

WebinarDay 2020 was the first online event for webinar makers all over the world. Over eight hours and across time zones we saw live strategy sessions, panel debates, interviews, live gear shows and even DJ sets. With new formats and a broad list of thought leaders participating, WebinarDay challenged the outdated webinar practices of the past and deliver actionable strategies, frameworks and formats.

“Webinars have changed the ways of communicating between and among people and companies. With WebinarDay, we're sharing our knowledge to help webinar makers globally professionalise their webinars.”
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal
CEO and Co-Founder of TwentyThree

The WebinarDay 2020 Programme

Always challenging standards, the WebinarDay 2020 Programme leaves behind the outdated formats of the past. Anything but your average webinar, this experience is built around new engaging and participatory formats.

Selected Speakers

Engage with top webinar makers on the international stage throughout WebinarDay 2020 as they share insights and actionable strategies.

Dan Tyre

Director, HubSpot

Christian Mueller

Co-Founder, OMR

Fergus Dyer Smith

CEO, Wooshii

Lucia Guadaño Peyrot

Head of APAC Marketing, LinkedIn

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Co-founder and CEO, TwentyThree

Henni Roini

Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Lev Cribb

Managing Director, WebinarExperts

Christian Bo Nissen

Event Manager, Universal Robots

Trine Jensen

Digital Marketing Specialist and Webmaster, FLSmidth

Silje Brattgjerd

Growth Specialist at HubSpot

Nick De La Force

Creative Director, Shootsta

George B. Thomas

Inbound Evangelist, Impulse Creative

Brian Fanzo

WebinarDay 2020 Host, iSocialFanz

Anne Marie Ginn

Head of Video Collaboration EMEA, Logitech

Jenn Page

Executive Director, Black Magic Collective

John Parenteau

Holywood Corporate Communications, Black Magic

Webinar day is for you. For people just getting started with webinars. It’s for seasoned hosts and moderators. For producers of a regular series. For webinar program managers rolling out webinars in their organisations. For in house videographers looking for inspiration. For the production crew. For marketers generating value with webinars. For specialists trying to educate the market. For remote companies that want to rally their team. For large companies with new training needs. For educating employees and building a brand or company culture. For anyone making webinars.

For you — the Webinar Makers.

Gear Show AMA

Everything from Setting Up to Going Live

Whether you’re planning on buying webinar equipment, updating your current setup or curious about how your current gear works, this format is for you. WebinarDay gear shows will introduce to you the newest, most innovative and user friendly equipment on the market and field your questions to get you perfectly set up for success.

Panel Discussions

An Experienced Sounding Board

As the webinar field grows and evolves, nothing is set in stone. The WebinarDay Panel Debates are our way of exploring new options by taking into account diverse perspectives. With an insightful panel of webinar makers, these discussions can help us find a way forward when the roadmap isn’t clear.


Conversations with Professionals

WebinarDay interviews will feature inspiring webinar makers — everyone from programme managers to experienced hosts and moderators. Through both conversation and a steady flow of questions from the audience, you’ll learn everything there is to know about webinars.

Live Strategy Sessions

An Interactive Look Behind the Curtain

At the core of this exciting new format is the expertise of Webinar Experts, a UK agency with a track record of consulting with brands to ideate and execute on webinar strategies. Through sessions based on real company cases, Webinar Experts will facilitate diverse types of strategy sessions and take guiding questions from the audience as a way to guide your future self-reflection and action.


Learn from the Best in Class

These in-depth learning sessions with top innovators and thought leaders within the digital space are here to inspire you. From their various backgrounds and expertise, you’ll get to understand current trends, market predictions and emerging formats to fuel your everyday marketing efforts.

Couch Conversations

Live from Company Couches All Over the World

In a series of brief cameos from various companies all over the world, we’ll hear about people’s own experiences and learnings from making webinars. This format gives us all the perfect opportunity to gather insights from people who have hands-on experience in the world of Webinars as a Service.

Join thousands of webinar makers for the first annual WebinarDay as we explore how to professionalise the way we make webinars with new strategies, formats and best practices.

In Good Company

Together with our co-organisers, partners and speakers, we’re bringing together the best minds and brightest stars on the international webinar scene.