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TwentyThree™ API

Error codes and descriptions

Whenever a request to the API fails, a response detailing the exception is returned. The response includes an error code and a detailed description of the error.

The possible errors returned by the API are...

couldnt_create_albumAn error occurred while creating the album.
couldnt_create_userWe were unable to create a user with the given information.
couldnt_update_albumAn error occurred while updating the album.
error_processing_uploadAn error occured while processing the uploaded file.
invalid_albumThe specified album is invalid.
invalid_album_tokenThe specified token for accessing this album is invalid.
invalid_inputParameters are malformed.
invalid_photo_tokenThe specified token for accessing this photo is invalid.
invalid_signatureThe given signature was invalid. See Authentication.
no_fileNo file was included in the request.
no_such_albumNo album with the given id.
no_such_photoNo photo/video with the given id.
no_such_tagThis tag isn't being used on the site.
no_such_userNo user with the given user id.
permission_deniedYou don't have the necessary permissions to perform this action (required level: 'level'). See Permission Levels.
token_requiredAnonymous access to this site's content requires a combination of either album_id/token or photo_id/token.
user_already_existsThe user with this information already exists.