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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/live/list

Get a list of live events or webinars


live_id Limit to a single live stream or webinar.
token List details about a private/invisible stream by including its private token.
include_private_p Include private live events in the list. Requires read privileges, but may be overwritten by a combination of `live_id`/`token`.
upcoming_p Filter by whether there is schedule content coming up in the stream: Setting this parameter to `1` will limit the return to currently active streams and events with scheduled activity. This means that users will either get an active stream or a stream with a countdown to live.
promoted_p Filter live streams by whether they're promoted or not.
album_id Include only live streams matched to a specific album.
include_speakers_p Include a list of speakers associated to each of the webinars returned in the response. 
ordering Sort the returned list of events.
Default: name
Valid values: name, private, promoted, streaming, creation_date
p Page offset for the request. See [pagination](index#pagination) for details.
size Number of objects to include in the response. See [pagination](index#pagination) for details.

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:


To list private live events, and to retrieve publish_server, publish_stream, private_p, auto_promote_p, auto_record_p and publish_recordings_p the requirement is:


Example XML Response

<response status="ok" permission_level="anonymous" p="1" size="20" total_count="1" cached="0">
  <live live_id="123456" token="abcdfe23456789" 
   name="Stream name" album_id="" 
   creation_date="2013-08-01 16:19:58.492688+02" creation_date__date="August 01, 2013" 
   updated_date="2013-08-01 16:19:58.492688+02" updated_date__date="August 01, 2013" 
   link="/live/1830496" short_link="/live/1830496" promoted_p="0" streaming_p="0" show_countdown_p="1" 
   thumbnail_photo_id="1234578" thumbnail_tree_id="7340" thumbnail_token="abcdfe23456789" 
   preview_photo_id="1234578" preview_tree_id="7340" preview_token="abcdfe23456789" 

Example JSON Response

  "status": "ok", 
  "live":[{"live_id": "123456", "token": "abcdef123456", "name": "Stream name", "album_id": "", 
     "creation_date": "2013-08-01 16:19:58.492688+02", "creation_date__date": "August 01, 2013", 
     "updated_date": "2013-08-01 16:19:58.492688+02", "updated_date__date": "August 01, 2013", 
     "link": "/live/123456", "short_link": "/live/123456", "promoted_p": 0, "streaming_p": 0, "show_countdown_p": 1, 
     "thumbnail_photo_id": "124578", "thumbnail_tree_id": "7340", "thumbnail_token": "abcdfefge456789", 
     "preview_photo_id": "124578", "preview_tree_id": "7340", "preview_token": "abcdfefge456789", 
     "current_viewers": "0", "hds_stream": "", 
     "hls_stream": "", 
     "description": "", "description_html": "", "description_text": ""}],
  "p": "1",
  "size": "20",
  "total_count": "1",
  "site": { ... },
  "endpoint": "/api/live/list"