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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/live/update

Update the meta data about a live stream.


live_id (required)The ID for the live stream you're updating.
nameThe name of the live stream. All HTML tags will be stripped away from the name.
descriptionDescription of the live stream. The value can include save HTML tags such as <b> or <p>; however, if any disallowed tags are included, all html with be stripped from the description.
album_idAn ID for the ID associated with recordings of the live stream.
live_formatThe format of the live event to be created. Valid options are available through the /api/live/list-formats method.
streaming_methodThe streaming method for this live event. Valid options are: webcam, iphone, android, mobile, hardware and software.
private_pSpecify if the live event is private or visible to users on your site.
Allowed values: 0 or 1
promoted_pPromote this live stream.
Allowed values: 0 or 1
allow_dvr_pAllow viewers to step back in time using the DVR feature?
Allowed values: 0 or 1
auto_promote_pAutomatically promote the live stream when it goes live.
Allowed values: 0 or 1
auto_record_pAutomatically record streams to the site's video archive.
Allowed values: 0 or 1
publish_recordings_pPublish recordings to the site immediately.
Allowed values: 0 or 1
broadcasting_pMark whether the stream is live broadcasting or not.
Allowed values: 0 or 1

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:


Example XML Response

<pre><code><response status="ok" permission_level="write" message="The live steram was updated" cached="0"></code></pre>

Example JSON Response

{  "status": "ok",   "message":"The live stream was updated",  "permission_level":"write",  "cached":"0",  "p": "1",  "size": "1",  "site": { ...},  "endpoint": "/api/live/update"}