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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/photo/redeem-replace-token

This method performs the same action as /api/photo/replace, but authenticates the request through the token retrieved from /api/photo/get-replace-token. This means that you can pre-authenticate a replacement upload of either a video, a thumbnail for a video or a photo -- and then allows the client to upload directly to 23's servers from a web browser.

See the documentation on browser-based uploads for more information.

Any extra parameters sent to this method will be repeated in the callback request to return_url.


file (required)The file to upload.
replace_token (required)The token returned by a call to /api/photo/get-replace-token

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:



A plain, unstyled error message if the replace_token is invalid, consumed or expired. Otherwise the client is redirected to return_url using the method specified in the flow description.

If background_return_p was set to 1 when retrieving the upload token, the callback to return_url is made from the server-side and one of the following information sets is returned:

ok <domain> <tree_id> <photo_id> <token> <callback_url>


error <error_message>