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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/setting/add-ip-ranges

Add one or more IP ranges to white-list for the account.


ranges One or more ranges to be added to the white-list. Ranges are line-separated and can be in the forms specified below. Ranges may optionally be followed by a text comment for the range.

Ranges can be in these forms:

Any range may be follow by a comment: My local IP address

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:


Example XML Response

<response status="ok" permission_level="admin" 
  message="The range(s) were added" cached="0"/>

Example JSON Response

  "status": "ok", 
  "message":"The range(s) were added",
  "p": "1",
  "size": "1",
  "site": { ... },
  "endpoint": "/api/setting/add-ip-ranges"