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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/site/search

This method allows for a limited search across photos, albums and live events. It returns a small subset of properties optimized for showing type-ahead search results. The method will also allow objects to be marked as selected or not.


searchSearch string.
search_inA space-separated list of object types to search within. Default is photos and balid options are photos, albums, live, site. (The site option is only relevant for selection-style interaction and will return two options for all videos and all live event respectively.)
selectionIf the method is used to select objects, a space-separated of keys can be included to show current selection.
sizeThe maximum number of results to return (default is 10, the maximum value is 30 and this method does not support pagination).
partial_search_pA boolean indicating whether or not to include partial text matches in results.

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:


To include non-public items in the result set, the permission level required is:


Example XML Response

<response status="ok" permission_level="read" cached="0">
  <result key="photo:4720950" object_id="4720950" object_type="photo" title="Death Cab For Cutie - Binary Sea" label="Songs" selected_p="0" token="713042a7c1d33225aaafbaf4478438bd" url="/death-cab-for-cutie-binary-sea"/>
  <result key="live:4720951" object_id="4720951" object_type="live" title="Death Cab For Cutie - Binary Sea" label="Songs" selected_p="1" token="7bbb42a7c1d33225aaafbaf4478438bd" url="/live-death-cab-for-cutie-binary-sea"/>

Example JSON Response

"status": "ok", 
    {"key": "photo:4720950",
     "object_id": "4720950",
     "object_type": "photo",
     "title": "Death Cab For Cutie - Binary Sea",
     "label": "Song",
     "selected_p": 0,
     "token": "713042a7c1d33225aaafbaf4478438bd",
     "url": "/death-cab-for-cutie-binary-sea"
     {"key": "photo:4720951",
     "object_id": "4720951",
     "object_type": "photo",
     "title": "Death Cab For Cutie - Binary Sea",
     "label": "Song",
     "selected_p": 0,
     "token": "7bbb42a7c1d33225aaafbaf4478438bd",
     "url": "/live-death-cab-for-cutie-binary-sea"
"site": {...),
"endpoint": "/api/site/search"