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TwentyThree™ API

API Method: /api/spot/list

List spots and landing pages.


spot_id Limit to a single spot.
token Get info about a specific spot, even without read permissions.
spot_type Filter by spot type, may be page or widget
orderby Sort the returned list of spots.
Default: spot_name
Valid values: spot_name, title, creation_time
active_p Active or not.
Default: t
Valid values: (empty for both), 1, 0
order Order of sorting.
Default: asc
Valid values: asc, desc
p Page offset for the request. See [pagination](index#pagination) for details.
size Number of objects to include in the response. See [pagination](index#pagination) for details.

Permission level

The minimum required permission level is:


Example XML Response

<response status="ok" permission_level="read" p="1" size="20" total_count="2" cached="0">
    <spot spot_id="12345" spot_name="Web Footer" spot_type="widget" design="list" columns="1" video_count="1" title="" action_id="" url_stub="" token="6mzsbq8u8drirlk8yn0">
    <spot spot_id="123456" spot_name="My Landing Page" spot_type="page" design="list" columns="1" video_count="5" title="Page Header" action_id="789" url_stub="my-landing-page" token="g0cjhry923c3sxtbg8i">

Example JSON Response

{ "status": "ok", "permission_level":"read", "cached":"0", "spots":[ { "spot_id": "12345", "spot_name": "Web Footer", "spot_type": "widget", "design": "list", "columns": "1", "video_count": "1", "title": "", "action_id": "", "url_stub": "", "token": "6mzsbq8u8drirlk8yn0", "content": "" }, { "spot_id": "123456", "spot_name": "My Landing Page", "spot_type": "page", "design": "list", "columns": "1", "video_count": "5", "title": "Kalles Header", "action_id": "789", "url_stub": "my-landing-page", "token": "g0cjhry923c3sxtbg8i", "content": "" }], "p": "1", "size": "20", "total_count": "2", "site": {...}, "endpoint": "/api/spot/list" }