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10 Marketing Leaders on Why You Can’t Ignore Video in 2017

October 9th, 2017
Rasmus Bysted - Video and live producer

In September, we shared 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Matters to businesses around the world. We wrote that video humanizes brands and creates a connection that wasn’t previously possible to marketers trying to tell a story about their products or services.

Marketers can now also take advantage of the video virality phenomenon, where a piece of visual content can rack up millions of views and impressions on channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Then there is the power of live video, which has a certain novelty to it, achieving 3x the engagement of normal video content. Then finally, marketers can finally properly measure their video content, with a video marketing platform, marketers can see who watched a video, when they watched it, and how long they watched it. Instead of just focusing on views, impressions, and shares.

These reasons are important to know, and optimize for. That’s why we sat down and interviewed 10 thought-leaders about why video matters in 2017. Here’s what they said:

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