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Product Spotlight: Using Actions in Your Next Marketing Video

November 9th, 2017

As you probably already know as a marketer, video is more engaging than any other type of medium. Human brains process images up to 60,000 times faster than text, and video has grown into a $135 billion industry in the United States alone.

But how is your audience presented your video content? Typically, users will be shown a play and pause button when engaging with video content on the web, an overall passive experience. But just like blogs, landing pages, or product pages, videos players should be built to drive further action. Whether that’s filling out a lead form, clicking on a link to a different landing page, or presented with more video options, marketers don’t want the viewing experience to end after one video view.

Actions from TwentyThree allows marketers to easily setup manual and dynamic actions within their video player, creating an opportunity to drive desired movements from users engaging with video. Video no longer has to be a stagnant medium, it’s a powerful lead generation tool or gateway to other web content. For example, here's a video from the TwentyThree library that shows a number of the features that we'll talk about below: 


With Actions, marketers have access to a simple tool that is easily used in all organizations. Before, interactive video has either been expensive and custom-built for a single case or a generic tool that limits options. Actions present an opportunity for all marketers to customize and brand the experience their user gets when interacting with video; and properly measure these interactions.

interactive video - branding

From custom play buttons to adding pre or post roll footage through Actions, marketers can make sure each and every video is on brand, every time.

Collectors & Lead Generation

Collectors or gates can be a powerful tool for any company trying to increase lead gen and inbound marketing campaigns. According to our State of Online Video 2017, 59% of conversions on video happen before a video, while only 22% of conversions come while the video is playing. Customizing a lead generation form encourages a viewer to give their information, while also communicating that the content behind the gate is valuable enough to share their info in exchange.

Video - Collectors & Lead Generation

Collectors are a powerful tool that can be customized to match a brand, collect the exact information sought, and increase lead generation by as much as 50%.

Actions Features

Text Actions: With text actions, you can add messages to video clips. The text can be linked to any web page and you can control the size, colors, and display of the text box.

Actions Features

Product Actions:
Product actions make it easy to link to products along the video timeline. When a product is relevant, it pops up unobtrusively in the player − ready to be explored further.

Link Actions: Link actions let you link a specific area of the video to any web page. You can choose to have the link outlined or not.

Video Actions: Video actions make it easy to add video prerolls or postrolls alongside your video content. Use it for branding, for campaigns or for advertising."

Image Actions: Image actions are designed to make it easy to add an image or photo overlay to your videos. Upload any image, set its timing and position and link it to any web page."

HTML Actions: HTML actions let you control every pixel of the video overlay − by writing the exact HTML markup for it. This adds infinite flexibility to how users experience your video.

Custom actions: Configure which fields form the basis of your custom action and program the player to follow this patterns. After this, anyone in the organization can use the action.

Timeline and position: Position any action directly on the timeline to control when it is displayed and hidden. Actions can also be set up both before and after the video has played.

Control playback with actions: Actions can be configured mesh with video playback; pause the video when the action shows up or only show the action on pause.

Set up actions for a single video, for channels, players or for every video: Actions can be set up to work across multiple videos, for example, everything in a channel. But exceptions can also be made if you want to exclude a site-wide action on a single video.

Tracking click to analytics: Every click will be tracked in our analytics, so you can measure how people are acting on your Actions.

Actions from TwentyThree is a powerful tool to help marketers continually move prospects down the sales and marketing funnels. It presents an opportunity to make video less stagnant or passive, turning it into an engaging a more engaging medium. Want to learn more about how Actions work? Contact one of our video marketing experts here.

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