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The State of Webinars 2018

November 7th, 2018

Marketers have been running webinars for decades. Literally, decades. As one of the oldest and most important legacy digital marketing tools, webinars are built to engage and educate an audience. We surveyed hundreds of marketers around the world to find out exactly how marketers use webinars and what they look for in their tool.

Below you’ll find the analyzed stats from our State of Webinars Infographic 2018. We’ve also put together a 15-minute webinar to break down the stats in a different way. In the webinar we cover a number of important questions that come from this data: 

  • What was the most shocking revelation found in the research?
  • What are the key takeaways for marketers?  
  • What are the main purposes marketers run webinars?
  • What’s something that marketers can take away from this data?

Watch the webinar here, or browse the analyzed data below:

Current Webinar tools have an NPS score of -28. 46% of marketers reported a score under 6, which measure as “Detractors” from current webinar tools available.

36% of marketers don’t feel that their current webinar tools are up to par with the rest of their marketing tech stack.

70% of marketers report that they don’t promote their webinar tool to other marketers or colleagues.

45% of marketers run 11+ webinars a year, with 19% running 50+ webinars in a single year.

A breakdown of the most coveted changes marketers want for their current webinar tools:

47% of marketers want an updated design.

32% of marketers want custom landing pages.

19% of marketers want custom transactional emails.

22% of marketers want enhanced promotional tools.

32% of marketers want deep integrations with their tech stack.

37% of marketers want an in-browser webinar stream. (no software downloads)

28% of marketers want better post webinar follow-up tools (emails, recordings, etc)

19% of marketers want automatic publication of webinar recordings.

18% of marketers want a custom built webinar hub to host automatic published webinar recordings.

27% of marketers want the ability to have an unlimited # of attendees.

19% of marketers want more detailed data exports

20% of marketers want better engagement data about their live and on-demand webinars.

68% of marketers use 2-5 tools in their tech stack to setup a single webinar, while 9% use 5+ tools in their tech stack to set up a single webinar.

59% of marketers host their on-demand webinars on either YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox/Google Drive, eliminating valuable engagement and conversion data. Only 8% of marketers use a video marketing platform to host their on-demand webinar recordings.

68% of marketers don’t have their webinar data integrated into their marketing automation system or CRM.

68% of marketers either measure webinars manually or are currently not measuring the success of webinars.

Of marketers currently measuring webinars, they define success as the following:

16% of marketers haven’t defined success of their webinars

Only 24% of marketers measure sales or revenue from their webinars.

30% of marketers measure the leads generated from webinar content

17% of marketers measure the number of questions asked during a webinar.

35% of marketers measure the engagement of their webinars.

48% of marketers measure the number of attendees on a webinar

36% of marketers measure the signups/registrants for a webinar

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