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TwentyThree FAQ’s: Why GDPR Benefits & Empowers Video Marketers

May 9th, 2018

At TwentyThree, we believe that the implementation of GDPR regulations on May 25th will benefit all of us as individuals and businesses. It only allows businesses to have the information of prospects, leads, and customers that explicitly want them to have access to their data. GDPR empowers businesses to be more transparent in their daily workflows.

As a European based company, we’ve always protected the data our customers collect. We never share any personal data, our customers’ personal data, or any personal data collected via our service to third parties.

We also want to be clear and transparent about the processes we’ve implemented for our customers to be fully compliant with GDPR and ensure that they are in accordance while using our product to run their video. From updating our video collectors with explicit opt-ins to how we store our data, GDPR has been a top priority for our team.

Along with being compliant in how data is handled, we have also always hosted our data in Europe. This allows our European and North American based customers to be entirely confident that our data practices have always been in accordance with the strictest European data regulations.

First thing’s first: We have a new Data Processing Agreement for all customer to sign onto. It’s available to download and execute at

As a part of our readiness, we have also audited all of our vendor agreements to make sure that we only work with vendors who comply with our terms and with GDPR. We have reviewed all internal processes with regard to security and processes. This includes our privacy-by-design principles in our product development process and systems operations.

We want to give our users the ability to be transparent and conscientious about the data they collect. These processes will allow companies to confidently do that, including removing user data if necessary, along with compliantly sending data to existing integrations that you have with TwentyThree.  

Below, we’ve put together a series of FAQ’s about what you need to know about TwentyThree’s GDPR readiness:

What aspects of GDPR apply to video marketing?

The new regulation applies to all marketing and data activities within the European Union - both for companies and people interacting with your content. This means that good video marketing strategy using tools such as social promotion, marketing automation and lead conversion should certainly be reviewed with the GDPR in mind. Most relevantly, hosted video themselves are considered personal data if there are people in the videos. You can find a full list of types of processed personal data in the data processing agreement for TwentyThree.

Can marketers even use video collectors because of GDPR?

Of course. The purpose of the GDPR is not to block the collection and use of marketing data -- rather it requires marketers to handle personal data in a secure, conscientious and transparent manner. This means that you should use a video marketing platform with a clear policy and a clear agreement to host your video content. With our data practises and our policies we have made sure that TwentyThree is such a host.

Just as with any other marketing forms, you will also need to update your collectors in TwentyThree to include clear opt-ins for marketing and data tracking. You can do this easily using the product and by aligning with your company’s data privacy policy.

What do we need to do as a TwentyThree customer to be GDPR ready?

With the GDPR, companies and marketers become responsible for the data tracking practises, and TwentyThree’s role is to help our customers exercise that responsibility. To become ready for the new regulations, you should review and execute the Data Processing Agreement available at

We also suggest that you review all data hosted on the TwentyThree platform (including viewers tracked in Audience) along with your collectors to make sure they live up to the new rules. Also, you should make sure that you have performed similar reviews for your other marketing platforms that are connected to TwentyThree through Connect or through Social (for example, Facebook, Google Analytics or HubSpot).

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