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TwentyThree Product Updates: August 2017

August 29th, 2017

At TwentyThree, we’re always striving to bring you the most innovative and useful tools to take your video marketing to the next level. In August, we updated our audience insights, collectors, and email thumbnails to do just that. Without further ado, here’s what’s new in the month of August. 

Brand New Audience UI

Audience insights are essential for any TwentyThree user trying to get granular data on their audience and their video viewing tendencies. In order to help facilitate this data even more, we have completely updated Audience insights:

Filter by Company

By simply typing the name of a certain company, you can now filter search results by employees at a certain company and what videos they watched, when it was watched, and the length a user engaged, etc.

Brand New Contextual Summary

A filter that summarizes a certain selection of people. What companies do they come from? What is the most popular videos among them? What converted them?

Filter Contacts to Only See Leads

Toggle filters to show the leads generated by certain videos.

Follow Audience

Now you can "follow" specific audiences or users, setting up notifications when they are back watching your videos again, which is especially important for B2B prospects. 

Auto Refresh

Audience insights will update/refresh automatically even when you are on the page. 

Download Selections as CSV

Download audience insights into a CSV file with a simple click on the arrow down on the top right.

Updated Collectors

Collectors are key for brands driving leads through video, and a few big updates have made them even more customizable and impactful: 

Custom Collector Fields

It’s now possible to add custom fields into your collectors or video gates. You can add up to 8 fields to a single collector, which will sync to your CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.

"Thank You" Note

The ability to add “Thank You” notes or success messages after a collector is filled.

Conditional Collector

Ask for a user’s information after a certain amount of time has elapsed of the user watching a video.

Thumbnail Embed & Moving Thumbnail

Now you can embed video thumbnails into your emails and email campaigns, even featuring a branded play button. Your audience will receive a clickable thumbnail which will take them to a video page to play the video. You can even mark a time span in a video and send that as a GIF in your various marketing emails, which we call Moving Thumbnails.

New Connect UI

New Connect UIWe have updated the connect UI with two things in mind: 

Now you can see more context and data about an active connection. Making it easier for users who manage multiple accounts in multiple platforms to identify their connections as well as understanding what's happening with that connection. As we add more and more integrations to Connect, now it is easier to seek and find the integration you want to connect from our library. 

That's it for August. We'll be back with more updates and exciting announcements for September!

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