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Video + Email: The Marketers Guide to Integrating Video Into HubSpot

March 5th, 2018

This is Part 3 of our white paper, The Marketers Guide to Integrating Video Into HubSpot & Improving Data. In this preview, you’ll get a partial look into how HubSpot users can integrate video into their email workflows, personalized sales emails, and more. Click here to download the full white paper.

Combine Email & Video to Improve CTR’s

We analyzed the results of video from 300+ marketing teams around the world to build our State of Online Video 2017 report. From those 300+ teams, we were able to get data from 1.5 million videos that have received a total of 650 million views. One of the most intriguing stats from this data came from the breakdown of including a video or animated thumbnail into an email. By adding a GIF (animated thumbnail) to a marketing email, we saw that brands can increase their CTR’s by 62%.

Marketers can directly embed an animated thumbnail into marketing workflows and personalized outreach.

“If you want to send a video to a contact, you can do so directly within HubSpot by using the
Actions button in the TwentyThree module. Clicking Send video presents you with a video picker, allowing you pick any video that has been uploaded to your TwentyThree site before writing a personal message to the recipient. The video you pick will be embedded in the email as an animated thumbnail, leading to the video's landing page once the recipient clicks on it. Furthermore, if you apply the Follow option before sending the email you'll be notified as soon as the recipient has watched the video. Thus improving account based marketing for strategic accounts.“

Email is a powerful channel that has been used by marketers for decades. Including video in these nurtures and outreach is a natural next step for improved click-through-rates, engagement, and ultimately, conversions.

To download the full white paper, The Marketers Guide to Integrating Video Into HubSpot & Improving Data, click here.


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