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Why you shouldn’t miss the biggest WebinarDays yet!

August 27th, 2021
Emilie Vedel Pedersen - Marketing Coordinator

We’re excited to announce the return of WebinarDays with three days of insight and inspiration from the world’s top webinar makers – and Oscar-winning film director Thomas Vinterberg! Ready to up your webinar game?

Webinars have exploded over the past 18 months as the world’s digital transformation accelerates. With companies and orgs of all sizes putting webinars and digital events at the heart of how they communicate, there’s never been a bigger need for true expertise and insight. Which is why WebinarDays2021 is packed with actionable inspiration for the whole webinar community, including:

  • The marketing leaders reinventing their strategies in a digital world that’s becoming increasingly event-driven

  • The talents appearing in webinars

  • The program managers designing webinar programmes and formats

  • The producers mixing and producing webinars

  • The community managers promoting webinars

The human touch

As the world found out during the pandemic, the need for human connection has never been more profound. Communicating with trustworthiness and authenticity is vital on camera - but it doesn’t always come naturally. So we’re especially excited to share the news that we are hosting a session on authentic storytelling with Oscar winner Thomas Vinterberg.

About WebinarDays

Hosted by us at TwentyThree, WebinarDays is an annual online gathering for anyone and everyone working with webinars. Thousands of marketers around the world come together virtually to hear from dozens of pioneers transforming the way their companies communicate and connect with their customers.

Join us for three days of keynotes, fireplace interviews, panels, workshops, demos, tutorials. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions to choose from – live and on-demand. Regardless of your level of expertise, WebinarDays 2021 will help you take your webinars to the next level.

Standout sessions so far

  • Keynote on authentic storytelling from 2021 Oscar Winner Thomas Vinterberg

  • Improvisation performance tips from Boom Chicago Owner, Communication Trainer and Stand-up Comedian, Pep Rosenfeld

  • Digital event frontrunners Alistair Croll & Emily Ross on how “The Best Events Subvert The Norms."

  • Camera Love: Actress Puk Scharbau’s tips on performing on camera in your webinars

  • In-depth webinar case stories from the world’s best webinar makers

  • Behind the scenes at the webinar studios around the world

Read more about the event at

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