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How Arla Foods Ingredients Uses TwentyThree to Showcase its Products for Global Customers

Webinars became business-critical for a lot of companies when the pandemic arrived. Typically Arla Foods Ingredients would launch their products/concepts at trade shows, up to 6-8 times a year. When they locked down, Arla Foods Ingredients needed an effective and professional way to introduce our products/concepts and communicate with their customers around the world.

Now the trade shows are all up and running again but Arla Foods Ingredients still uses webinars as an effective way to launch products - they're especially useful when it comes to more science-heavy products involving complex messages that demand extra attention.

Minutes of Engagement
โ€œFrom a branding perspective, TwentyThree is a great piece of infrastructure. Itโ€™s a professional interactive environment with really sophisticated ways to keep engagement high.โ€

Arla Foods Ingredients on TwentyThree

โ€œWe can easily take an English website and then add subtitles into foreign languages. And as it works with Baidu, itโ€™s a major plus for us as we have a lot of business in China.โ€

Arla Foods Ingredients on TwentyThree

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