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Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird is an international law firm that helps their clients navigate the ever-changing digital world. As leaders and digital innovators in their field, Bird & Bird saw video as a huge opportunity to engage their audience and quickly communicate learnings and messages.

Bird & Bird built a video hub full of educational videos with TwentyThree, allowing audience contact and training orders through the player. By hosting videos on their website, they were able to properly measure video impact.
Higher engagement on website video hub compared to YouTube.

“Using a platform like TwentyThree, we’re able to get a huge amount of insight and analytics. It helps us to shape our digital strategy."

Bird & Bird on TwentyThree

"We have access to a lot of data that we couldn’t easily see before. It’s helped us change our video formats and determine topics, identify well-performing key spokespeople, and recognize channels driving traffic."

Bird & Bird on TwentyThree

Videos in their video hub
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