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Obsidian Digital

Obsidian is a data-driven performance and digital marketing agency based in Copenhagen. Having permission list of around 15,000+ companies it was a natural step for Obsidian to turn to video and webinars marketing to educate and nature their leads and future customers.

After implementing TwentyThree, Obsidian Digital was able to educate their leads and customers at scale with more engaging content and in turn increase their engagement rate significantly.

Sign ups in average per webinar hosted on TwentyThree
“We never had the experience before of a tool proactively messaging us with things that we could do better.”

Obsidian Digital on TwentyThree

“We love that we can see all the participants, how much time they spend in the webinar, either live or on-demand, who asked which question, and where they came from based on the UTM parameters. It gives us a lot of information.”

Obsidian Digital on TwentyThree

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