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Native Analytics

Native analytics in TwentyThree presents you with an overview of analytics collected from your social channels. To trigger these numbers simply move your mouse over the key metrics in question. You will then see how your videos are performing in both your video section and on each social channel. You can also find in-depth social analytics in the ‘FullMetrics' section on the video's overview page.

In order to get native analytics from your videos you need to connect your social platforms to your TwentyThree account under the Social tab. Check under "Social" to see which videos have been distributed to each social platform. This makes it really easy to control all video content – and to see and compare full breakdowns of impressions, plays, performances and engagement across those social channels.

Information available for the following social channels are:
- YouTube: Plays, Likes, Engagement, Shares, Play rate
- Facebook: Loads, Plays, Likes, Engagement, Shares, Play rate (%), Performance