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Layout blocks for live event pages

As with your video website, you have full control of the design and functionality of your live event page. Read the articles Working with layout blocks and Styling your site using CSS on how to set up your video website using CSS and layout blocks for design. The live event page will follow the design patterns of your video website and player design.

Ask a question:

Add a field on your event page where your audience can ask questions. Monitor and answer the questions in the backend of TwentyThree. Read more about this here.

Live Banner

Banners can be installed on any web page by pasting a single line of code. As soon as you activate a banner in the Live UI, they can be displayed on the corporate website, your blog or wherever you have chosen to promote your live event. Read more about Banners here.

Live Chat

When adding this layout-block you present the audience with a real-time chat related to your live event. Viewers can comment and take part in the conversation. Monitor the chat in the backend of TwentyThree.

Live event info and registrations

The block contains information about the event such as start time, signup- and registration possibilities.

Live events

List all, upcoming or previous live events on the event page. Sort events by name, when it is scheduled or by newest event.

Live Feed

This block activates posts to the event page. Posts can be added to the event page before, during and after the event takes place. Read all about posts here.

Schedule for live event

When adding a schedule-block you give your audience an overview of what the full event will be, and they can plan when to tune in to follow the live event. Add the block, give it a suitable headline and decide on which page you want the schedule to be displayed. Each time a new scheduling is made in the TwentyThree backend, the content of the layout-block will automatically be updated.

Video thumbnails

Just like with any other video thumbnail block you can add a set of thumbnails with previous events or schedules that have been made available as recordings. As soon as video recordings are ready for playback they will be presented, as the newest thumbnails in the block.