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Create the perfect event page

The event page can be configured for any purpose using tools such as schedule, registration, reminders, slides or maps. And the event page can be customized entirely to fit your brand, using the design tools in TwentyThree Video. Most importantly, the event page will change depending on whether it's before, during or after the event has taken place.


We recommend you set up a full live event page weeks or even months before the event starts to begin building your audience by collecting signups and pushing information about the event. The live event page is the anchor for building expectations. It's quick to set up all the information about the event and to post a full schedule.

With Posts you can add photos, videos, files, tweets and Facebook updates directly to the live page even before the event. It will let you bring your event page to life even as the event is only starting, and it will look stunning in any TwentyThree web page design.


As the event takes place the focus will be on the live stream itself. However it's important not to forget to capture interactions, conversations and impressions happening around your event. With Posts you can easily add comments, pictures or even files directly to the event page.

The event page will also be the hub for all conversation happening via the TwentyThree platform. Viewers can talk to each other in real time in the chat. You can take questions from the online audience. And you can sync the live video with slides that are made part of your recordings afterwards. Read all about conversations here.


Live is a great way of bringing in an audience, but you'll have the most viewers after the event is over. We often see ten times the number of viewers in the the weeks after a live event. So you want to make sure that the live page is geared to bring the same immediacy to the people who view the content after the event.

After an event is over you want to make sure that the event page is updated with detailed event information, full HD recordings and posts that were added to the page before and during the event took place. You will want to create multiple clips from the livestream and highlight the best moments.