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Post everything about your event

Posts is your way of updating viewers and feeding information out in real time. You can post quotes, tweets, links, status updates -- and even Instagram photos and uploaded files.

Post everything happening to your event page. Images, videos, files, links, quotes and social media responses. Post the teaser, the report you're talking about, links to product information, images from the livestream, and the updates from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Share images and captions from the livestream to social media with a single click.

  • Text posts: add a short quote, text or other information.
  • Link posts: post a link to the event page.
  • File posts: attach a picture, pdf or other relevant files.
  • Twitter posts: Link to a Twitter post and add a description.
  • Facebook posts: Link to a Facebook post and add a description.
  • Instagram posts: Link to a Instagram post and add a description.

All posts can quickly be shared to Facebook or Twitter to increase the reach of your event while it's going on. It will also serve as great documentation on the page after the event is done. Read more about the event page.