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Navigating the video overview

The video overview provides you with the best possible overview of all your videos and how they perform across all your platforms. Filter and arrange your videos to get a quick overview of the videos you have in your video section, on your social platforms, what videos you have embedded, and your unpublished videos. You can even filter by your categories directly in your Videos tab.

When you log into the backend of TwentyThree™, you will by default be presented with an overview of all the videos that have been uploaded to your site. At the top of this page a few key metrics about your videos are shown:
- The total number of uploaded videos
- The total number of plays of your videos
- The total number of video impressions
- The video play rate percentage
- The average playtime
- A total count of engagement minutes

In addition to this you can track how videos published natively through social channels are published. When moving your mouse over the key metrics you will now see how your videos are performing in both your video section and on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Read more about Native Analytics here.

Below this, you have the option of filtering the videos and change the order they are listed in. You can choose to see only published or unpublished videos, videos uploaded in a specific month, videos without category, videos with or without tags or promoted videos. For sorting, you can have the videos listed by upload date, published date, video length and so on.

For each video, a few bits of information is listed. These numbers will give you a quick idea of how that specific video is performing—making it easy to compare content and filter on engagement. Each video can be clicked, if you wish to see and edit metadata for that specific video. The information listed is:
- Number of plays
- Playthrough percentage
- Name of the video's category
- Name of the video
- Length of the video