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Editing metadata and publishing a video

To edit the metadata for a specific video simply choose the video in interest from the video overview. At the top of the page for a specific video you will see a preview of the video and a few statistics about it including how many times the video has been played and the average play percentage. Below this you will also be able to edit the metadata for this video and publish/unpublish the video.

Adding meta data

Below the video preview you will see a form where you can give the video a title and a description, put the video in one or more categories (depending on the site's category settings), and tag the video with as many tags as you like. Tags will help users when searching for a video. If you have set up your own custom variables, a field for each of those will also appear in this form. Read the full article on custom variables.


Lastly, you can set the video to be either "published" or "not published". If the video is published, it will automatically appear on your video website and be available for the visitors to your site. If it is not published, it will not be publicly available unless you manually copy the video's embed code and insert it on your video website or any other web page. You can learn more about the differences between published and unpublished videos here.

If you want the video to be published at a later point in time, you can click on the calendar icon and choose the date and time for when the video should be published automatically. Take me to the article on video embedding

When you are done making changes in the fields, remember to click the "Save changes" button, so your changes take effect.

Deleting a video

If you need to delete a video, you can do so from the "Details" page. At the very bottom of the page you will find a "Delete video" link.