Working with video

The difference between published and unpublished videos

After uploading a video you have different options for publishing and sharing your video. Here we will go over the difference between published and unpublished videos. By default your videos are unpublished when you upload them, but you can change that by clicking on the “Unpublished” button on your video page.

Published videos

Published videos will be available on your video hub, and they will also have Public links to the video landing page. In order for a video to be published, it needs to be in a category and selected as published. If you want the video to be published at a later point in time, you can click on the “Schedule” option in the drop-down and choose the date and time for when the video should be published automatically. Who can view the published video can be defined in the Access settings.

Published videos can also be used for your SEO benefits. Learn more about how to best optimize SEO here.

Unpublished videos

An unpublished video will not be available to visitors of your video hub. Therefore the video is not publicly available unless it is embedded externally. You can also share unpublished videos by using the Secret link for the video. Secret links are great for sharing videos with a handful of people, or for videos that you don’t want to make available on your video hub. Analytics will still be collected when using the secret link to share unpublished videos.

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