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Enable access restricted videos

Working with video

TwentyThree supports video-level access restrictions and the options available are:

  • None: Anyone with a link to the video or your video hub can play and watch the video
  • Password: Viewers will need to input a shared password before the video can be played. You can use the autogenerated password, or create your own.
  • Geo-blocking: Only viewers from specified geographic regions can play and watch the video.
  • Visitor log-in: In order to play the video the viewer needs to be logged in to TwentyThree, either as a visitor or full user.
  • Custom: Authenticate the viewer through your own servers.
  • Expiration: Expire or make your video available on a specified date.

To protect a video, click "Protection" in the left sidebar of the video and select your protection method. You can also restrict access to your video hub from Settings → Access.