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Set up new players

Player Builder

With your TwentyThree account, you can set up as many different video players as you like. The players can differ in design, functionality and behaviour, and you can easily choose which of your players to use when you are embedding your videos.

To get an overview of the players that currently exist, login to the backend of your workspace as an administrator, select the "Power Mode" button in the top right corner and then select "Player Builder". Here, all your players are listed, and you can enter the settings for each of them by clicking the "Configure"-link.

How to create a new player

If you want to create a new player, click the "Create a new video player"-button. This will take you to a new page, where you are asked to provide a name for your new player and to select a player style for the player. Our default player styles will always be available to choose from - and any custom player styles that have been created on your TwentyThree account will be available too.

After having provided a name and selected a player style, click the "Create player"-button. Your player will now have been added and it is ready to use, e.g. for embedding videos, and you are automatically taken to the settings for the new player to set up its design, functionality and behaviour.

Define a default player

One of your video players will be set up as the default player for your account. The default player is used when your visitors are watching videos directly on your video website—and when you embed videos elsewhere, this player will be used unless you actively choose another one. You can set any one of your players as default by opening the settings for that player and then clicking the "Default player"-option. Then save your changes to set the new default player.