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Importing videos from Facebook

Social video

When getting started using TwentyThree or merging company social channels, it is powerful to be able to import videos directly from your social media platforms to your TwentyThree account. With the powerful tools of the TwentyThree platform, this can be done with just a few clicks. To get started with your video import you need to connect your TwentyThree account with your company Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Authenticating Facebook

To enable distribution of videos to Facebook you first need to authenticate a Facebook page. Click on the "Social" tab in the backend of your video website, and choose the Facebook icon in the right sidebar. This is where you can authorize your TwentyThree account to post videos directly to your Facebook page by clicking the "Connect Facebook account" button. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account when doing so.

Facebook will now ask for the permission to access your videos, and you can with a single click give the permission needed for TwentyThree to upload directly to Facebook by clicking "Okay".

Import your videos from Facebook

After you have connected your TwentyThree account with a Facebook page, simply go to the "Social" tab and find the overview information on Facebook to the far right. Here you can see how many videos are available for import. Hover over the number to get more information about the videos. Click on "Ready for import" to manage which videos to import.

Mark the videos you would like to import and click "Import Videos" to start the process of importing videos from your Facebook page. Leaving the page won't affect the import. It will keep running in the background.

When the import is done you will find your videos, unpublished, in the Video overview page. Click the videos or make a batch edit to publish the videos as a part of a category in TwentyThree.